Now Accepting Intern Applications for 2016

CAMP! is now accepting applications for paid intern positions for CAMP! 2016. We have six open positions that need to be filled by young adults who are interested in theater and the performing arts. Applicants need to be comfortable working with children in a collaborative environment. Interns are expected to help learn aspects of the show including dance, music, and blocking as well as assist in backstage duties during performances. Those who are hired should expect to be involved in all areas of performance but may choose to specialize in a particular area. Interns are also expected to organize activities with students including outdoor recreation, team-building exercises, and other group games.

Internships are a paid position with a stipend as well as one week of volunteer hours. CAMP! runs from June 16th through July 22nd. Applicants should prepare a resume as well as a cover letter explaining your experience working with children, why you want to work at CAMP!, your theater or performing arts experience, and what your areas of special interest are in regards to theater work. 

Interested applicants should email Ellen Fenster or Tim Kraack by clicking here or through the "Contact" link on this website.

Applicants will be contacted and interviews will be held on Saturday, May 7th in Minneapolis. If you're unable to make the interview that day or are currently out of the Twin Cities accommodations will be made to do a remote interview by phone or video-call.

Timothy Kraack