A Letter from Jamie McConnell, Board Member

As another exciting year at CAMP! begins, I am writing to ask you to join me in supporting this wonderful institution. CAMP! needs our help to ensure its financial health and to meet the growing financial aid need of campers. CAMP! is such a wonderful experience! The chance to work with extremely gifted and accomplished theater professionals and artists offers an incredible learning experience for the kids. The performances that the kids put on at the end of the summer always astound me. Their talent and professionalism is amazing. I can’t wait to see Urinetown this year!

On a personal level, I give because my two sons both love CAMP! It has always been a highlight of their year. CAMP! is a place where they can express themselves and have their creativity and enthusiasm appreciated. They have found friends they love and mentors who have helped them grow artistically and emotionally. They have found a safe and loving home that has stayed with them through the years. I give out of appreciation for their experience and to make sure that other kids will have the same opportunity.

To build the financial foundation for CAMP!’s future, we have set a fundraising goal of $14,000 this year. These important funds will give CAMP! the financial stability it needs to continue to grow into an even stronger children’s theater program, to meet unexpected needs from year to year, and to increase the accessibility by means of scholarships. Thanks to donors’ generosity, we are excited to offer more scholarships this year than ever before! I ask you to join me, and my fellow board members, in making a donation this year.

Timothy Kraack