Rehearsal Aids

This page will contain helpful rehearsal tools including sheet music, dance numbers and playlists of our music. Check back for more items as summer 2019 gets nearer.

Vocal Audition Excerpts

On the first day of camp, students will audition for the staff and for the rest of their age group. Solo singing auditions are not mandatory, however they are required for any student who wants a solo in the show. Students will be taught the excerpt marked below as “Carrying the Banner - FULL GROUP” in class the morning of auditions. All students will sing the excerpt as a group and may sing it by themselves if they wish.

For those students (often the older students) who wish to audition for a principal role, they are encouraged to prepare one of the excerpts in the file marked below as “Newsies Character Auditions”. Because we have limited time to hear everyone, we will only hear students audition with one of the the five excerpts below. This new system we started last year is intended to make auditions more accessible to all students and to make sure that we have enough time to do call-backs. Chord charts are for basic preparation help and may not be perfectly accurate. Remember, these auditions are part of the educational experience and it is not required that students prepare ahead of time. That being said, students who have a particular part in mind are encouraged to spend a little time preparing one of the 4 character auditions. We’ll have more first-day audition information in an upcoming blog post so check back in, and follow us on facebook!

“Sides” aka Acting Audition

Our oldest groups of students will be reading “sides” in their audition. You will act out a scene from the play in small groups, sometimes switching roles with each other. The sides are below, feel free to practice them ahead of time, or try them out on Day 1! Acting class in the morning will also be spent working on this scene in your group.

tctc 2019 side p1.jpg
tctc 2019 side p2.jpg

Song sheets

Below are “cheat sheet” versions of the songs that full company numbers we’ll be learning for Newsies. The file below includes seven numbers: “Carrying the Banner”, “The World Will Know”, “Seize the Day”, “King of New York”, “Brooklyn’s Here”, “Once And For All”, and “Finale Ultimo” as well as some tags and reprises. These are condensed to save paper and can be printed off and brought to camp to help learn songs. Camp will have a handful of copies available in class, but students are welcome to print and mark up their own scores. Solos and small ensemble songs are not included as those will be printed in the librettos handed out to principals.